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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Completed bike

Hey, so here is the completed bike. I've been riding it for a couple of days, but finely dialed in everything last night. It rides like a dream, if I do say so myself. I intended it to be a cross bike, and there are a few races yet this season, but it is quite stable and very comfy (note long chain- stays and slackish angles). The interesting thing is that it feels fast. I took the wheels and drive off my Surly, so the gearing is no different, but rather than toodling in second gear as I usually do, I'm in third nearly all the time. Maybe I'm just having too much fun.

Before going on, I thought I'd give you an update on Gas Gas. Leah (my girlfriend) and I got
him back from Leah's sister a month ago and he has been doing quite well. We've had him on a harness and been letting him be outside on a leash on the nicer days. He loves it and complains a lot when he is brought back in. When I've tried to let him be without a leash, he is in the neighbors yard withing five minutes, so it's the leash for now. Perhaps in the spring I'll try to go without.

Okay, here is my first logo. It's a stencil done by Leah. I'm sure some of you will recognize her
style. I like it a lot, but the paper I used peeled up a bit when I painted it, so it's a little messy. I think the propelant cooled it down so it started to freeze and become inflexible. You can also see the cable hanger I made for the fork. A little stainless tubing and a cable stop. It's pretty crude, but it works.

next up are some racks I've built recently, and hopefully in a few weeks I'll be starting on my next bike. I hope to have some "in process" pictures. See you soon, ahren


At 6:14 PM, Blogger Jess, Dylan, Alexis, Max & Emily said...

Beautiful... I'm so proud of my little bro! Can't wait to sport one around in sunny CA. But can you take a closer zoom on the logo? It's hard to see with the small image. Ride on...

At 6:51 AM, Blogger irka pirka said...

Oh man, scary orange fat clown lives!

That frame looks amazing and I really like the logo, but it's too small. Make it bigger!

I miss you guys (and Gas Gas).


At 7:06 AM, Blogger Kenneth Buttercup said...

I like the seatstay caps and the slight waves in the headtube reinforcements.

Can I ride it?

Orange clown had better look out for Gas Gas.

Gas Gas's picture is great.

Oh... old bikes:
V-CC New England

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Jim G said...

what sus-fork (700c?) is on that bike? thx!


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