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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Put a Fork in it!

I recieved my fork jig a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd show it off. My friend Matt Sheridan (SevenCycles machinist extordinare) designed and fabricated it for me. It is super fantastic, if I do say so myself. I can build anything from a 20" wheel fork to a suspension corrected 29"er. Although the rake adjustment isn't quite what it could be; the rake scale goes to 140mm, but the jig will only adjust to 55mm or so! A little modification and a clamp will help that. I've got it to 64.5mm, which is right where it needs to be for a bike I am preparing for Chris Kulczycki, of Velo Orange.

Here is Leah brazing a fork for her winter bike. She picked up a cool old Herculies and has been working on getting it ridable. The fork had a crack in it so we figured we could just make a new one! Leah has done a bit of jewelry work in the past so the concept of brazing was not new to her, and she did a fantastic job for her first time brazing anything bike related.

So far, it has built two forks. None by me, though. Jon, of Jonny Cycles, did the first one and was very impressed with it. Soon it will be my turn. I can't wait!


At 1:01 PM, Blogger Kenneth Buttercup said...

You rule.


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