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Sunday, October 29, 2006

So here are a couple of highlites from my frame. This is the first fillet brazing I have ever done. It was great fun, but the cleanup took a while.

Notice there is no binder on the seat collar? I was inspired by a few bikes in the "Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles", namely some Alex Singer's and others that had an internally expanding seatpost. It looked so clean. I am modifying a cruiser post to take an 1-1/8" quill stem wedge. I'll be painting the bike tomorrow. It is supposed to be in the sixeties! Have to take advantage of the weather while I can. We have had a tast of chilly weather the last week or so, just a teaser of what is to come. See you soon. Ahren

Friday, October 27, 2006

Hello, my name is Ahren Rogers

The purpose of this log is to document and display my thoughts, ideas, interests, and creations. Just like any other blog, I suppose. But I hope you are inspired by what you see here and that you take that inspiration with you where ever you go and put it into what ever you do.

If you weren't sure by the title, I am thoroughly consumed by the style, function, and culture of the bicycle. Soon I will be posting photo's of my first Banjo. It is a three-speed cyclocross bike. A blend of symplicity, adaptability, and just plain fun. I will also explain a little of myself in the next few postings, as well.

So stop by every so often to see what I am up to. Til then, take a deep breath, stretch your eyelids, jump up and down a couple of times, and have a great time. See you, Ahren